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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 12:42

Cloud Computing and Data Protection Risks

The following are the opening statements in the EU - Opinion 05/2012 on Cloud Computing and this post will cover the major relevant points from it and offer our comments on it

"For some, cloud computing is one of the biggest technological revolutions to emerge in recent times. For others, it is just the natural evolution of a set of technologies aimed to achieve the long awaited dream of utility computing. In any case, large numbers of stakeholders have put cloud computing to the fore in the development of their technological strategies. Cloud computing consists of a set of technologies and service models that focus on the Internet-based use and delivery of IT applications, processing capability, storage and memory space. Cloud computing can generate important economic benefits, because on-demand resources can be configured, expanded and accessed on the Internet quite easily. Next to economic benefits, cloud computing may also bring security benefits; enterprises, especially small-to-medium sized ones, may acquire, at a marginal cost, top-class technologies, which would otherwise be out of their budget range. There is a wide gamut of services offered by cloud providers ranging from virtual processing systems (which replace and/or work alongside conventional servers under the direct control of the controller) to services supporting application development and advanced hosting, up to web-based software solutions that can replace applications conventionally installed on the personal computers of end-users. This includes text-processing applications, agendas and calendars, filing systems for online document storage and outsourced email solutions.

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